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For students attending any foreign studies program the first questions that pop in to their minds is "how do I get there" and "how do I get into the country?"

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English has replaced all other languages as the oral form of communication of business and education. For those English speakers who have traveled in foreign countries, they have seen (or heard) this remarkable fact. The populations of the world are eager to learn and practice their English.

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Thongsook College International Programs are designed and run by experts in their field with decades of experience. Our TESOL programs are based upon the core TESOL Certificate and Diploma courses offered by TEFL International, a world leader in initial TESOL training. Content provided by David Hopkins, Brian Tomlinson and others. Yet despite a quality curriculum, we can offer fees at only a fraction of the cost of US or UK and other Western universities. And by offering the program at a schedule that allows full-time employment, you can complete your degree debt free and with three years of actual teaching experience. read more...

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I am without a bachelor's degree and I was stuck at the bottom of the professional ladder. I was limited to the countries and the types of schools I could work in and I wanted to open up a few doors. I came to Thailand to study for my BA in TESOL at Thongsook College in hopes of eventually having a better life and better teaching skills. I am very happy I did, the classes are interesting and informative. I have been here only a short while but have already seen huge benefits; things are falling into place for me. I haven't enjoyed my life like this for a long time.

BA TESOL Student

My Personal Experience with the Thongsook College BA TESOL program

It has been several months now since several individuals and myself as part of the inaugural group of learners began the Thongsook College International BA TESOL program. The Thongsook College International BA TESOL (Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers in Other Languages) program is aimed at developing qualified English language teachers at all levels. The program provides new and current teachers of English the knowledge and skills needed to teach effectively and maximize language learning using the latest methods and theories.

The Thongsook College board members, management, and staff have consistently and adequately validated the legitimateness of the BA TESOL program. It seems confidence in the Thongsook International BA TESOL program is deeply rooted as several well-educated high-ranking governmental officials have personally participated in the program in various aspects.

The overall quality of the college and the professors has far surpassed my expectations. Each professor/teacher possesses a master degree or higher in their respective field of study. As well, the quality of the curriculum is, as one professor so eloquently stated, slightly above the standardize Bachelorette level.

The class days are very well planned with minimum down time. The days begin promptly at 9:00 and continue until the clocks strikes 17:00. Though the days are mentally and physically demanding rest assure the professors are empathetic to the needs of adult learners.

I can honestly state I am content with Thongsook College International BA TESOL program.

BA TESOL Student